ECCC has successfully led European collaborative assessment of high temperature materials for standardization, pressure equipment design, and component safety and integrity since 1992.  Since 2011 ECCC is independently governed by European industry, and is currently operating under the third 3-year project phase, “JIP 3”, which will close in December 2020.

ECCC’s “core business” in creep data generation and assessment continues to thrive.  Activities are also broadening to meet the changing needs of the energy and high temperature process plant industries as outlined below.

This section contains the documents describing the JIP 3 and the forms necessary to join ECCC.

European organisations belonging to industry, private research and academic world, involved with materials for high temperature applications are welcome to join the European Creep Collaborative Committee.

Memorandum of Understanding For confidential management of data, to be signed by each ECCC member download document
JIP 3 Description Aims and scope of the third Joint Industrial Project download document
JIP 3 Executive Summary download document
JIP3 Application form Form to join ECCC, with the data of the organization and the invoicing plan. download document

For information, please contact the ECCC Secretariat at RINA: