Creep Properties of Grade 91 / Grade 92

The ECCC is pleased to announce the publication of two new ECCC Data Sheets on Grade 91 and Grade 92 steel*.  These grades are widely used for temperatures above 500°C up to about 625°C in high temperature power plant, and similar applications, for components such as main steam pipework, boiler tubes, headers and valve internals.…
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5th International ECCC Creep & Fracture Conference – POSTPONED TO 20-23rd September 2021 Edinburg, Scotland, UK 20-23 September 2021 • The 5th International ECCC Creep & Fracture Conference in Edinburgh will bring together engineers and scientists from around the world to present and discuss research and developments in all aspects of creep behaviour of high temperature industrial materials and components. The overall aim is to disseminate knowledge…
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New Assessment Software

ECCC has recently commissioned the Technical University of Darmstadt to develop of a new software of Creep Rupture Data Assessment. The software will be available to ECCC members in 2020. Check out this page for updates!

Epat Software

ePAT Software version 3.1.1 now available to all ECCC members on this web page This powerful software has been developed by Technical University of Darmstadt in order to support assessors of creep data in the execution of the Post Assessment Tests in compliance with the ECCC guidelines. ECCC members can find the software in the…
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