Creep Properties of Grade 91 / Grade 92

Creep Properties of Grade 91 / Grade 92

The ECCC is pleased to announce the publication of two new ECCC Data Sheets on Grade 91 and Grade 92 steel*.  These grades are widely used for temperatures above 500°C up to about 625°C in high temperature power plant, and similar applications, for components such as main steam pipework, boiler tubes, headers and valve internals. Since 2016 the ECCC has been involved in preparing fresh data collations from worldwide sources, pre-assessing the data and performing a minimum of two assessments according to ECCC Recommendations (Volume 5 –  ECCC Recommendation Volumes) by experienced assessors drawn from within the members of ECCC.  The assessments have been considered at length within the ECCC (WG3A Ferritic Steels), with formal review and release both for ECCC members, and at CEN discretion, for use within EN standards.  Within ECCC, these datasheets have replaced previous editions for Grade 91 (released in 2009) and Grade 92 (2005). 

Please visit the ECCC Data Sheets page if you would like to download them. The download is possible upon registration by email at:

It is planned to include detailed technical reports of the assessments within the 5th International ECCC Creep & Fracture Conference in Edinburgh, September 2020. Technical enquiries, including the use of the datasheets for standardisation purposes, can be addressed to ECCC Secretariat at RINA:

*Grade 91 steel – X10CrMoVNb9-1, W. Nr. 1.4903
Grade 92 steel – X10CrWMoVNb9-2, W. Nr. 1.4901

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