ECCC was formed in 1991 to co-ordinate Europe-wide development of creep data for high temperature applications, in particular for power generation.

ECCC is earnestly involved in the European data development coordination on creep and in the ensuing activities of assessment and comparison, the purpose being to gather the resources available in each single member state, build up an optimal assessment based on creep values and ultimately set up high production and design standards.

For several years ECCC concentrated its efforts thanks to the support of the European Commission, in particular through the  Concerted Action BE 5524 (1991-1996) and the Thematic Network BET2-0509 ‘Weld Creep’  (1997-2001).

Since 2005, ECCC has organized international conferences to take stock of present situations and discuss future outlooks.

Since 2011, ECCC is independently governed by the European industry, through Joint Industrial Projects, which allow to support the main R&D activities of interest for the group. The current three-year project phase, JIP3, has begun in January 2018.

Rina Consulting – Centro Sviluppo Materiali Spa has taken on the responsibility of technical Secretariat in 2011.

The official documents of  JIP3 are publicly available on this website.

European organisations belonging to industry, private research and academic world, involved with materials for high temperature applications are welcome to join the European Creep Collaborative Committee.

For information, please contact the ECCC Secretariat at RINA: